The Institute for Enterprise Capability is a collaboration between industry and education providers across the Vocational and Higher Education for professional, executive and custom corporate education.
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Professional Microcredentials

  • Our 'Professional Microcredentials' program comprises a series of short courses that are 'practitioner-led' - being designed and developed jointly by industry 'subject matter experts' and lead academics. 

    Courses are offered as self-paced online, designed to achieve different levels of 'mastery' depending on stage of career and experience of participants, and range between 10 - 20 hours in total to complete.

    The key features of our Professional Microcredentials include:

  • Work-based learning - apply your learning directly to your work problem or opportunity to optimise impact for your organisation.
  • Self-paced online - to cater to your time availability at any place.
  • Mapped against industry competency standards - ensures relevance to you and your employer!

Accelerator Microcredentials

  • Our Accelerator Microcredentials Program consists of a series of bespoke 'master-class' courses that are cohort-based (with a specified start and finish date) and that leverage the power of social learning amongst peers.

    Our Accelerator design allows for a deep and rich social learning experience where participants can leverage on other participants, our industry experts and leading academics to share experiences, learning and gain advice on transfer of learning to their workplace context.

    These courses are designed for participants to achieve a high level of 'mastery' of the subject matter and places an emphasis on practical application back on the workplace.The hallmark of our Accelerator Microcredentials is HIGH IMPACT for both participants as well as their employer. 

    The key features of our Accelerator Microcredentials include:

  • Typically run over a 12 week period with virtual sessions of 2 hours weekly.
  • Includes 3 coaching sessions by our panel of industry experts and leading senior academics to support transfer of learning and implementation of your workplace project.
  • Supported by complementary membership in one of our community learning hubs for engagement with community members, experts and academics as well as access to specialist research and 'thought leadership' content.
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Custom Corporate Education

  • For organisations wishing to develop their own custom program for internal teams, at iEC, we are experts in developing high impact and deeply engaging programs to support capability building.

    We partner with industry experts, leading Higher Education and TAFE providers to leverage expertise, capability and content as required. The hallmark elements of how we design and deliver our custom programs is by the incorporation of a number of specific design features - all to ensure maximisation of learning and business impact.

    These features include:

  • Problem testing and validation workshop - to test and validate your organisation capability challenge
  • Co-design with your team, our experts and academic partners as required.
  • Business diagnostics to measure the capability challenge across your organisation.
  • Industry and organisational contextualisation - include case studies and content customisation
  • Workbased learning - application of learning back to the workplace. This includes delivery of organisational artififacts for implementation readiness!
  • Integration of performance coaching by experienced executive practitioners and experts.