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AI-Ready: Accelerating AI Adoption

This is a professional short course designed by industry experts that empowers business owners, leaders and executives to harness the transformative power of Generative AI, turning it into a competitive edge for your business.

Generative AI is no longer the future; it's the present. It's reshaping industries, creating new opportunities, and setting new standards for efficiency, innovation, and customer satisfaction. By integrating AI into your operations, you're not just optimising; you're reimagining what's possible. This course is your step-by-step pathway to develop your first 'proof of concept' AI application for your business.

This course will provide participants with the knowledge and skills to identify opportunities to apply new ethical and responsible AI applications to their business and to be able to design, develop and deploy new AI applications in their business environments

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  • Duration:
    30 Hrs (12 wks)

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  • Course open date: 6 May 2024.
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This course is mapped to the following SFIA skills:
  • Machine learning (MLNG) L2
  • Data modelling and design (DTAN) L3
  • Business process improvement  (BPRE) L5
  • Systems development management (DLMG) L4

Why are we different?

Not only do you get an exceptional education experience but you also get...

Build your AI Roadmap

Your step-by-step guide to building your own AI roadmap to drive productivity and profitability growth

Professional Coaching

Professional coaching by leading experts in the Virtual Lab sessions to guide you in your journey.

Build your Proof of Concept

Build your own initial 'proof-of-concept' application ... Your Opportunity .... Your Project!!

Capability & Course Community

Complementary 12 month access to the AIIA Capability Hub and the course community for ongoing support and resource access.

This course will provide participants with the knowledge and skills to identify opportunities to apply new ethical and responsible AI applications to their business and to be able to design, develop and deploy new AI applications in their business environments.


  • Understand and apply techniques to build your generative AI roadmap for your organisation.
  • Understand and apply a foundational level of capability to develop new AI applications of benefit to their organisation using no-code programming approaches and techniques.
  • Understand and apply sound design practices and techniques to guide product development of a new AI application for their organisation.
  • Understand and apply contemporary techniques to plan and manage the deployment of new AI applications within their organisation.   


If you are a resident of Queensland, a limited number of fully funded scholarships are available for this course provided by the Queensland Government.

To get your scholarship coupon code, simply follow the link here to register and you will be automatically provided with the scholarship code on submission. 

Funding is provided by the Queensland Department of Youth Justice, Employment, Small Business and Training

This program is delivered in partnership with the Australian Information Industry Association. 

Your Expert Instructors... 

Dr Richard Price
Richard is the Capability Lead for AI, Analytics & Data Science for global advisory firm, CapGemini Australia. He leads a team with CapGemini applying AI and data science techniques for some of Australia’s leading companies and Government agencies.
Patrick Fitzgerald
Patrick is a Principal Capability Advisor for iEC Professional and runs his firm, Alpha Curve - a software and advisory company that develops innovative applications in big data and AI. Prior to this Patrick co-founded Dynamic Planner in the UK becoming the largest software provider in this market in the UK. 
Richard completed his Ph.D. in Numerical Optimisation from the University of Hertfordshire in the UK. With previous roles with Logica Space and Defence Systems, Bank of America in London.

He then went on to roles with the Defence Science and Technology Organisation in Adelaide where he held the position of Head, Intelligence Analysis Research Group, leading a team of 20 staff performing AI and machine learning research in support of the Australian Intelligence community. 
In an advisory capacity, he has led a number of big data and AI-focused commercial projects across the finance and insurance sectors and has  a focus on technology capability building in innovation, new product design, and digital transformation.  Since 2010 Patrick has been engaged with QUT's Graduate School of Business where he is a subject matter expert in strategy and digital innovation and teaches into their Executive MBA and corporate education programs .
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Welcome and Introduction

Your welcome and introduction to get you started in this course AI-Ready: Accelerating AI Adoption. Your 'Primer' section will step you through some pre-reading and guides  to help you identify the work-based project you are going to focus on in the course.

Topic 1: AI Overview

A general introduction to Generative AI, a look at various industries, how AI is being applied, and the world of opportunities.

Topic 2: Identifying AI Opportunities in Business 

This topic will examine the various practical strategies you can employ in your business to deploy AI and how it enables innovation to deliver productivity gains to help transform your business operations.

Virtual Lab 1

Topic 3: Your Generative AI Roadmap 

Topic 3 is all about how you can create am AI Roadmap to guide your business in the AI transformation journey. It steps you through the 6 stages of building your roadmap specific to your business context.

Topic 4: Ethical and Responsible AI

Ethical and responsible AI is the cornerstone to engaging in AI. We address ethical AI upfront by providing a guide to align strategies, establishing responsibility and policy, and ensuring is developed and deployed from both an ethical and legal standpoint. The goal is to allow you to be able to employ AI in a safe, trustworthy and ethical way

Topic 5: AI Technologies Overview 

In this topic, we now start to examine key concepts, processes and technologies underpinning AI. Here we look at the 'tools' you will need to be able to work with, platform options, and scalability considerations, including the 'jagged frontier' of Large Language Model (LLM) accuracy. 

Virtual Lab 2

Topic 6: Building and Deploying a No-Code AI Chatbot

An exploration into the designing, handling and deployment of AI, and the implications for businesses, particularly those facing significant resource constraints. From design to deployment strategies under custom, low and no-code scenarios this topic provides the practical 'hand-on' strategies you need to develop your first AI application.

Topic 7: Data: The Lifeblood of AI

This topic gives you the practical guidance to understand your data. From data quality to governance and compliance, you will build a practical understanding of the 'rules'  for using data strategically in AI projects.

Topic 8: Getting Started as an AI Project Leader 

A hands-on planning exercise with GPT and a deep dive into a user case study.

Virtual Lab 3

Your @Work Application and Conclusions

This final session allows you to now wrap up your learning in the context of your work-based project you have been developing throughout the course. We will conclude with a summary of the key takeaways from the course.